Agraloop Has Aligned With Canopy To Implement Policies To Help Prevent The Destruction of Old Growth Forests

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Agraloop SPC, in conjunction with the organisation Canopy has implemented policies to help preserve old growth forests, reduce the Company’s carbon foot print and to act as a leader in developing innovative sustainable materials to help preserve and protect the environment.

Isaac Nichelson, Agraloop’s CEO, commented on the implementation of these policies “We recognize that business leadership and long-term success must consider the environment. Consequently, Agraloop is dedicated to building environmental awareness among customers, employees, suppliers, stakeholders and peers. The use of Agraloop’s agricultural residue based feedstocks for textile fiber and pulp will help to reduce the demand on our forests, preserving them for more important uses to society.”

The Agraloop is a closed-loop and regenerative solution for transforming agricultural residues into valuable new raw material inputs for textiles, non-wovens, and pulp/paper. The process creates a solution that does not use forest fibers to make cellulosic fabrics and/or pulp for paper. The Company is committed to support the textile and paper industries by supplying alternative fibers that promote the protection of endangered forests and responsible environmental practices in manufacturing.