Agraloop showcased at Silicon Valley’s largest tech accelerator Plug and Play

plug and play logo.jpg

The Agraloop was given the chance to present at Silicon Valley’s largest and most important tech accelerator, Plug and Play Tech Center on June 7 2017.

This was Plug and Play’s first event with a theme around sustainability in tech, and The Agraloop was invited as a poster child of the Circular/Regenerative efforts to adopt new technologies.

Agraloop’s CEO Isaac Nichelson made a presentation to a packed house of global conglomerates and tech investors from all over the world. After the presentation Agraloop was bombarded with great interest from many leading companies and investment groups.

Our chief technology officer Yitzac Goldstein was  present at the event and provided detailed technical information to members of high-level biz dev and sustainability leadership from many major companies across several sectors.

Momentum for The Agraloop is rapidly developing!

Next stop – Fashion For Good Center in Amsterdam where we will be engaging Plug and Play again for the second “focus week” event. More big news to come!